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Our Projects Overview

The Forge Community Partnership, the organisation that has developed well respected community projects and activities is proud to continue delivery of its Unique Me and Beyond project.

The primary objective of our work is to improve wellbeing and therefore reduce the negative health consequences associated with isolation, poverty and poor physical and mental health. It will also seek to narrow health inequalities by focusing efforts towards lower socio-economic groups.

We have grown within our community to address unmet needs that prevent families and individuals from reaching their potential. Our well respected and trusted reputation and track record has been established and maintained through delivery of significant local projects. It is important to involve communities and schools by providing opportunities for parents to interact with their children and to help define parental roles within the child’s learning. Ensuring continued support is central to building the relationships. This understanding enhances parents’ self- esteem and confidence which focuses on improving family life for children and parents.

Our Unique Me course will ensure that communication is effective and establish mechanisms to boost the parent’s confidence. Parents start to recognise the impact that parent/child support has on their child’s learning and achievement. Our course helps parents understand how crucial their actions can be, and what they need to do, they will be more likely to take steps to be more actively involved in their own personal wellbeing and education.

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Delivering from accessible community venues will allow better access for participants, who will develop better self- esteem, confidence, motivation and aspiration improving both family and social cohesion. Participants will gain new skills and knowledge around the benefits of affordable nutritious food and a more active lifestyle. They will learn about the importance of self- focus and how this can impact on their mental health and well- being, bringing families together will help to reduce the incidence of social isolation and loneliness enabling the participants to grow and develop; improving their overall mental health and wellbeing.

Our Specialist Team

Picture of Kath Spencer Project Leader

Katerine Spencer

MA Public Health, BA Hons Health Studies, PGCE
Katherine has evolved her highly respected position through a significant career in education, health promotion and public health development leading on innovative specialist areas of health improvement. Driven by her passion to help empower individuals to be the catalysts for change in their lives, resetting their life journey by establishing firm foundations for their future.

Picture of Natalie Boswell Project worker.

Natalie Boswell

Level 4 Diploma Working with Parents with Intense Multiple & Complex needs
Natalie has a well respected career specialising in working with young parents around the sensitive topics of healthy relationships and SRE, more recently Natalie has been working in the early years sector with a focus on families whom present challenging and complex social factors to be addressed in preparation for engagement in Healthy lifestyle activity

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